Mark’s Gospel: The Parable of Four Soils, Pt. 1

Matthew 13:10-17

Jesus used parables to ­­­­­__________________ the secrets of the Kingdom from the crowds but ___________________ them to His followers.

Jesus made a clear distinction between the _________________ and His __________________.

Crowds follow Jesus to get something ____________ Him; a disciple follows Jesus to get ____________.

  • John 6:22-26
  • John 6:66

The Parable of the Soils is about the ability to ___________ and _____________________ the Word of God, and be transformed by it.

The Four Soils represent four __________________ to the Gospel of the Kingdom.

  • Isaiah 55:10-11
  • Romans 10:11-17

Jesus is not interested in mere __________________ to a religion but in a _______________________ into a fully mature follower of Christ.

  • John 15:1-8

The only soil Jesus regarded as “_______________” was the one that yielded fruit.