Mark’s Gospel: The Parable of Four Soils, Pt. 2

Mark 4:1-20 (Luke 8:4-18, Matthew 13:1-23)

There’s only one soil for the seed – the human heart – but there are four different conditions of that soil:

  1. Hardened Soil

Ephesians 4:17-19

You can even be a very religious person and have a hardened heart towards the gospel.

  • Mark 3:1-6
  • Amos 5:21-24

Is there any hope for the hardened heart?

Hosea 10:12

 “Fallow ground is ground which has once been tilled, but has gotten hard and now lies waste. It needs to be broken up and made soft again, before it is ready to receive seed. If you mean to break up the fallow ground of your heart, you must begin by looking at your heart – examine carefully the state of your mind and see where you are.” – Charles G. Finney

5 tests for a hardened heart…

  1. Lack of Love for God
  2. Neglect of the Bible
  3. Unbelief
  4. Lack of Love for Souls
  5. Neglect of Self Denial

The Parable of the Soils demands an honest self-examination of every believer.



The Sermon by Charles G. Finney that Jerry mentions can be found HERE