What you can expect…

What you can expect at White Stone Fellowship…

Visiting a church for the first time can be a daunting experience. We realize that not everyone who comes through our doors has the same set of expectations or experiences:

  • Some grew up in church and have one set of expectations.
  • Others have been hurt by a church and because of their experience have a completely different set of expectations.
  • Still others are new to this whole “God-thing” and have no idea what to expect!

We want you to walk into White Stone Fellowship feeling wanted and welcomed, and knowing what to expect. So here is a brief F.A.Q. about our community of faith.

1. What denomination are you?

We are not currently affiliated with any denomination. We are simply a fellowship of Christ-followers who gather for worship, community, and teaching from the Bible as the only inspired, inerrant, and authoritative Word of God.

2. What do you believe?

We are a Christian fellowship adhering to the common confession of the historical Christian faith as expressed in the creeds. Our complete statement of belief can be found here.

3. What kind of music do you have?

We worship primarily with what has come to be called a “contemporary” style of music. Our worship team is band-driven – no organ, no choir, no hymnbooks. While we do sing hymns on occasion, the music is predominantly modern worship songs.

4. What are the people like?

WSF is a strict no-judgment zone. Come in a suit and tie or tattoos and flip-flops… we don’t care! You are welcome here!

We are in this thing together and nobody has it all figured out. No matter who you are, where you are from, or what you have done, we welcome you. Like our Father, we love you as you are, but also like our Father, we love you too much to let you stay in your mess. At WSF, our goal is to help each other become more like our Savior. “Him we proclaim, warning everyone and teaching everyone with all wisdom, that we may present everyone mature in Christ.” (Colossians 1:28)

5. What kind of programs do you have for my kids?

We value families worshiping together when we gather, so we do not currently offer any children’s programming as part of our Sunday morning gathering. We do offer childcare for kids 1-4 yrs. during the worship and teaching time, but children 5 yrs. and older stay with their families. Feel free to bring books, crayons, coloring books or something to help your children sit quietly during the teaching time. We have some stuff here and the kids usually have a pretty good time, even during the sermon!

That said, we also highly value partnering with parents in child discipleship so we are prayerfully considering what that will look like going forward at White Stone. Meeting in a school with limited access to facilities makes it a challenge but we believe God would have us provide opportunities for parents to get assistance in bringing their kids up to be fully devoted followers of Christ.

6. Why do you meet in a school?

We meet in a school for a couple of reasons:

  • We don’t own any land, or a building of our own. And we are not in a hurry to tie up the church’s resources in debt service to a mortgage. We want as much of the offerings, given in good faith by the people, to go towards fulfilling the mission that Jesus gave His followers in Matthew 28:18-20.
  • The church is not an organization; it’s an organism. It’s not a building; it’s the Body of Christ. Wherever we meet, we are White Stone Fellowship, whether it’s in a church building, a public park, or somebody’s backyard.

Being in a public school also affords us a wonderful opportunity to partner with the school to impact the community and help the families involved to flourish. We enjoy a very healthy relationship with our host school and are excited about future opportunities to serve them.

7. Does the preacher talk about money?

The preacher preaches the whole Word of God, so he talks about whatever it talks about. Sometimes that includes money. The truth is that money and the role it plays in the culture, in families, and in all our lives makes it an important subject. Many people have struggled and suffered tragic things as a result of mishandling money. Wouldn’t you like to know what God has to say about it? If there were wisdom in the Bible to keep you out of financial trouble and help you make the most of what you have, we would have to be huge jerks to never tell you about it!

Having said that, we do not beg for money or pressure folks to give. We don’t pass a plate or a bucket or anything else in our gatherings. We have a donation box where our people can give according to their convictions to support the ministry of our fellowship. We let people know it’s there, and we occasionally tell some amazing stories of how their generosity has had an impact in someone’s life. We believe that generous living is a sign that a life has been changed by God’s love, so we try to cultivate a culture of generosity however we can. Hope that answers your question!

If you have a question we did not answer here, or would like further clarification or information, please email us at info@wsfellowship.com and we will happily contact you.